Jewellery care

Our costume jewellery has been made with the highest quality metals and will last a long time if you take good care of it.

Furthermore, all of our products are plated to create a lovely finish, mainly using 18-22kt gold, antique silver, antique gold and Rhodium coloured plating. Sometimes, other coloured plating’s may also be used to finish an item depending on the ‘look’ we want to achieve.

What does ‘plated’ mean?

Plated metal is when a base metal (usually copper, brass, steel, zinc and metal alloy) has a thin layer of gold or silver applied to it by electrochemical means. Without boring you with the science part this means that it can eventually tarnish over time when it is subject to direct contact with water, excessive perspiration, perfumes, detergents and lotions. We therefore advise that you remove all jewellery when you shower, bathe, exercise or wash up.

To help you prolong the life of your costume jewellery, we have a few suggestions:

Have peace of mind when purchasing our jewellery that all of our products are Nickel Free.

We also take a stringent view on Lead – the highest participation of Lead we ever use is 600 parts per million and this is only contained in a minority of our product range, where weight is an important factor to the design. This is well within the US safety guidelines, which means we can safely describe our goods as Lead free. The UK currently has no set guidelines on Lead content in adult fashion jewellery, but as you can see above, we set ourselves a strict standard in terms of quality and safety to enable our customers to have confidence in our Brand that we are leader in this area.

Therefore, due to our high standard and strict stipulations, we pay a premium to ensure our products are made with only the highest quality metals to ensure they are safe for you… so wear our styles with confidence!

Thank you for purchasing a Dainty Damsel Design and we do hope you enjoy wearing it!